Welcome to the Stateline Electronics website.  We are a computer retail store located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  As the name implies we are located near the Tennessee - Georgia stateline 1/2 mile off of I-75 on U.S. Highway 41. 

We have been building custom computers (clones) since June of 1986.  We started in one rented suite of  600 sq. feet and we bought the 8.000 square foot building for expansion and now we are the landlord. 

We not only specialize in building systems and upgrades we can also provide the hardware for you to build or upgrade your own computer. Build your own, the best computer to have!

We are The "COMPUTER" hardware store!

It is our opinion that the best computer to buy is not that name brand computer in a box that came from one of those Mart stores or the large tv and appliance store.  The reasons for this is simple.  All computers fail, even the best, even ours.  If your computer has never failed or you have never wanted to upgrade you probably will be ok with a namebrand, but you would be in the minority.  By building your computer and knowing what is inside of it you will be way ahead of the game.  You will be more likely to know the parts and will be able to repair or upgrade the computer yourself.  We have repaired over 2000 computers a year.  If your computer is a brand name the parts can be hard to locate and hard to buy, the price is usually high if the part is even available.  The type of computer's we sell has had two sized motherboard in 20 years.  Most brand name compatibles use some kind of proprietary parts.  Mother boards, power supplies, even CD-ROM drives and floppy drives! 

Right now one of the most advertised PC's on tv uses a power supply where the wires for the mother board coming out of the power supply are scrambled and won't take over the counter parts.  Emachine, Compaq, HP and Gateway have all sold computers with power supplies that are only rated for 90-100 watts.  We have sold a power supply under 250 watts in 10 years.  These under powered supplies have only 2 amps or less on the 12 volt line that powers the hard drive, fans, cd-rom drive and motherboard.  If you upgrade to a CD-RW or extra hard drive which takes 1.6 amps or more each, its only time before it blows.  We did find a source for these supplies and have sold nearly 300 power supplies for these types of computers in the last two years.  Thes power supplies are not standard ATX design.  

If a computer is small and cute it probably has proprietary parts in it.  So before you go and buy that $499 dream machine do some research.  The clerks in the stores usually don't have a clue how the computer is constructed.  I would venture to say 95% of sales people in retail stores have never even opened the computers they sell.  To learn more about Clones click on the "Clone" button.

Except in seasonal conditions, storms and holidays we have one day turn around on most computers.  We are 100 miles from Atlanta where most of our suppliers are  so even if we don't have a part we can usually get it overnight for ground frieght charge!

A couple of years ago our local computer order center with the cow spots were six weeks behind on repairs.  People brought their machines to us for repair even thought they were still in warranty with them!  One of my customers told me his sister sent in a computer to Compaq(r) and it took them six month to repair!

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